We help our clients tell their story by making beautiful content and using it well.

Many people don’t have the time, resources or experience to effectively share their story with their audience. Rye helps small businesses in the agriculture, food and drink industries identify their marketing goals, create strategies to reach those goals and execute a plan that meets businesses where they're at.

That way, our clients can spend their time doing what they do best, making incredible products.

Meet Our Team

Strategy & Brand

A good strategy clarifies your purpose, focuses your goals, makes good use of your resources and defines how you measure success.

Design & Illustration

Thoughtful design creates professional consistency across your communication. Unique illustration elevates you above the crowd and shows that your design is tailored to you.

Custom Web & App Development

Everybody has unique problems to solve. Custom app and web development gives you the opportunity to solve your problems directly and efficiently.

Photography & Copywriting

Real photos and a voice and tone that's true to your audience are the best tools you have to represent who you are and what you do well.

Our Work

We love working on projects that are challenging, creative and contribute something wonderful to our community. Some of the clients we've worked with are:

Meet The Team

Patrick Kerby
Designer, Developer, Illustrator, Strategist

Patrick is a born problem solver. He takes his decades of experience in design, development and fine art to create intelligent and elegant solutions to client pinch points. In addition to RYE, he owns and operates Kerby Design.

Pro tip: Don't play pool against Patrick. He'll win.

Bri Vos
Photographer, Writer, Strategist, Communicator

Bri has degrees in English Literature and Sociology. She is a project manager extraordinaire, adept content strategist, sought after content writer and an extremely accomplished photographer. In addition to RYE, Bri owns and operates Detour Photography.

In all cases and scenarios, Bri prefers plaid.

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If what you're passionate about can benefit from what we love to do, give us a shout and let's meet for a drink!